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Having a blog on your website can be a great way of generating traffic to it. Not only can it allow for new people to find your website, it can allow for new topics and discussions to be generated from what is posted.

As well as having my own blog on this website, I also have experience with writing for another website’s blog on the topics of mental health and wellbeing. I have also written guest posts for other blogs and websites, which can be found here.

I am always looking to learn more about new subjects, and so I can write blog posts either using my own knowledge, opinions, or through researching a particular topic area. Some examples are outlined below.

If you would like to hire me to write blog posts for your website, please contact me using the contact form on this website, or email me – sarah@thekeepingapproach.co.uk

If requested, all writing can then be advertised on The Keeping Approach’s social media accounts free of charge.

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Depending on your business area, blog posts can be generated from my own opinions surrounding various related topics. My specialist areas are academia, mental health, psychology and television.

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The source of a blog post can be grounded in a particular topic area, with the potential for different blog posts to be generated from it. Topics could be on various areas related or un-related directly to the business area.

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Blog posts can also be written in response to a certain question relating to your business area. Answers can be in the form of an opinion or a researched conclusion. The possibilities are endless.

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