Back to uni…again – part 3

Image from Pixabay My university journey continues with another set of teaching and I’m finally getting used to online learning! It’s still strange to think that I am in a class with a few dozen other people who I can see via a tiny box on a screen, but it’s just something we are learningContinue reading “Back to uni…again – part 3”

My 5 top tips for making the most out of reading week

Reading week. Aka half term. Aka a week off. To some people. I’ve been there – reading week equals no lectures and time to ‘read’. I think my very first reading week consisted of me mainly having lie ins and watching a boxset – on DVD as this was before streaming services. Did it matter?Continue reading “My 5 top tips for making the most out of reading week”

My 5 top tips for starting at university

These tips are designed for anyone starting a new year at university (including returning students), but can apply to anyone starting a course. These are based on my own experiences and are my own opinions. Of course, this year is slightly different with many students studying online for at least some of their course, butContinue reading “My 5 top tips for starting at university”