Back to uni…again – part 3

Image from Pixabay My university journey continues with another set of teaching and I’m finally getting used to online learning! It’s still strange to think that I am in a class with a few dozen other people who I can see via a tiny box on a screen, but it’s just something we are learningContinue reading “Back to uni…again – part 3”

What did I learn from being a mature student?

A mature student is defined as someone who starts their undergraduate degree at 21 years old or above, and throughout my time at university I have studied alongside mature students as well as thinking of myself as one. I studied a graduate course at 25 and so I classed myself as a mature student! However,Continue reading “What did I learn from being a mature student?”

How did failing make me a better student?

On my blog I have posted about how I have previously studied at university and how I am currently studying again, but I haven’t always had success with being a student. I think it’s important to talk about this aspect just as much as it is to look at the positives I have had, andContinue reading “How did failing make me a better student?”

My 5 top tips for how to choose what to study at university

When choosing what to study at university, it can be difficult to know where to start because even though the course is probably the biggest thing to look into, there are also a lot of other factors that need to be considered. Therefore, I have come up with my 5 top tips for how toContinue reading “My 5 top tips for how to choose what to study at university”

What did I learn from hating being a fresher?

University is seen as a rite of passage for many people, and becoming a fresher (a first year university student) is a huge aspect of a person’s university experience. However, not everyone loves it, including myself, so I now want to talk about what I learnt from that experience. For people who want to goContinue reading “What did I learn from hating being a fresher?”

Back to uni…again – part 2

So far, I have had two days of online teaching for my new Masters course and it was very strange to have done two days of learning, but I haven’t even left my home! My 5 top tips for starting at university can apply, but in a different way with this experience. The day beforeContinue reading “Back to uni…again – part 2”

Learning how to be a student again

With universities being in the news so much recently due to the pandemic and students having to self-isolate, it’s strange for me to talk about my time at university so far which has included me turning on my laptop and watching induction week material from my home. However, this is the current climate and somethingContinue reading “Learning how to be a student again”

Blogtober – starting university and blogging all in one go!

It’s Blogtober, I mean October! Until yesterday I hadn’t heard of Blogtober but I’m so glad I found out about it. As quite a new blogger it’s great to have fellow bloggers helping me out – I feel part of the community now, and I think this is a great way to further engage withContinue reading “Blogtober – starting university and blogging all in one go!”

Back to uni…again – part 1

After a year away from university (it felt like a lot longer!) I’m about to start a new course. This course is a MA (Master of Arts), and is in the area of psychology, but is a bit more specialised. Each month I will be blogging about my experience on the two-year course, which canContinue reading “Back to uni…again – part 1”