What have we learnt from 2020?

The year 2020 – the start of a brand new decade. Many felt this would be the start of something new in our lives as we said goodbye to the twenteens and wondered what the twenties would hold. Unfortunately, that new was ‘the new normal’. 2020 is a year, I’m sure, a lot of peopleContinue reading “What have we learnt from 2020?”

My top 5 Christmas films that I need to watch

When it comes to Christmas films, I’m disappointed to say that there are not many that I have watched. Love Actually and The Holiday are only two of a very small number of Christmas films that I have watched over the years and so this year I am going to challenge myself to finally watchContinue reading “My top 5 Christmas films that I need to watch”

Back to uni…again – part 3

Image from Pixabay My university journey continues with another set of teaching and I’m finally getting used to online learning! It’s still strange to think that I am in a class with a few dozen other people who I can see via a tiny box on a screen, but it’s just something we are learningContinue reading “Back to uni…again – part 3”

My 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning

This year, remote learning (also known as distance learning) has become a new way of studying at school, college and university. Like many people, I have started a new course, but I haven’t met anyone in person due to the new way of learning that has been set up because of the global pandemic. ThisContinue reading “My 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning”

The 5 things I have learnt from Blogtober

It’s October 31st, aka the end of Blogtober and I made it! 31 posts in 31 days! I have to admit, at the beginning of the month I did wonder if I’d make it because writing a new blog post for every day is certainly a challenge. However, it is one that I am proudContinue reading “The 5 things I have learnt from Blogtober”

Career Advice

I don’t know what career advice is like now in schools, but all I remember from mine was not helpful in the slightest. Can advising about the possible careers and the skills needed for them be useful? Absolutely. But not everyone has the same opportunity to explore such topics. I remember at school being givenContinue reading “Career Advice”

My top 5 biopics where you learn more about people

Biopics are a wonderful type of film because not only are they usually about a well known person, we as viewers can also learn more about them. Here are my top 5. Judy (Judy Garland) I didn’t know much about Judy Garland before watching this film and after watching ‘Judy’ starring Renée Zellweger in theContinue reading “My top 5 biopics where you learn more about people”

What is the best way of learning?

For anyone currently studying either at school, college, university, or anywhere else, learning new information is the main part of the experience. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know the right way to carry this out. Like with lots of things in life, sometimes it’s just trial and error to find out what worksContinue reading “What is the best way of learning?”

What can we learn from watching soap operas?

I hugely believe that we can learn through different subject areas in life, including television programmes. For me, soap operas are a huge part of my television watching and have been a consistent part of my whole life. With soap operas having such a rich history in terms of the many years they have beenContinue reading “What can we learn from watching soap operas?”

The overwhelming sense of being a student

Being a student has the stereotype of being lazy, wanting to party all of the time, and having no responsibilities. That’s the stereotype that I believe to be out there, anyway. This negative illusion only looks at some of the possibilities that student life may bring with it. It actually leaves out the very realContinue reading “The overwhelming sense of being a student”

Autumn – and the start of something new?

With autumn comes with it a change in the weather and people retreat back indoors after months of being able to enjoy the hot, sunny conditions the summer can bring with it. With this retreat indoors brings with it the illusion of warm nights in with a book or a boxset, but also ample opportunityContinue reading “Autumn – and the start of something new?”

My 5 top tips for making the most out of a lecture

Attending a lecture is a normal part of university life and can be much more than just sitting down and listening to a lecturer. Based on my own experience, here are my 5 top tips for making the most out of a lecture. 1. Get there early I’ve always found that you learn so muchContinue reading “My 5 top tips for making the most out of a lecture”

What did I learn from being a mature student?

A mature student is defined as someone who starts their undergraduate degree at 21 years old or above, and throughout my time at university I have studied alongside mature students as well as thinking of myself as one. I studied a graduate course at 25 and so I classed myself as a mature student! However,Continue reading “What did I learn from being a mature student?”

My top 10 things I have learnt about blogging

The Keeping Approach blog was launched nearly two months ago and in that time I have learnt a lot about blogging, mainly from fellow bloggers and their very insightful posts. From my own experiences with creating my blog, I can now list my top 10 things I have learnt about blogging. Have an idea forContinue reading “My top 10 things I have learnt about blogging”