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Welcome to The Keeping Approach

My name is Sarah and my personal development blog will largely focus on learning. Learning may be from education, such as a university course, the ways certain areas of society are being learnt about now, such as the important area of mental health, or the infinite number of other things we learn from the world we live in. We learn every day, whether we know it or not, or whether we even choose to.

Personal Development doesn’t always have to be in the formal ways of career development, or by consciously making the choice to learn a new skill. It could be as simple as reading an article on a topic you know nothing about, or watching a television show where you learn something from just what someone says. We are developing as people all the time, and this blog will be an expression of how I have, am, and intend to do so, which will hopefully help others in some way, or just give them something interesting to read. Not everything will be about my own experiences, but they will include my own opinions.

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I have been writing and blogging for over a year now, but for a website (I’m also a freelance blogger for hire) and love writing about new topics. My personal blog will focus on some of my own time at university, what I have learnt both academically and as a person, and include much more.

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