My 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning

This year, remote learning (also known as distance learning) has become a new way of studying at school, college and university. Like many people, I have started a new course, but I haven’t met anyone in person due to the new way of learning that has been set up because of the global pandemic. This new way of being educated can bring with it challenges and new experiences, so here are my 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning.

Ask questions

Probably the biggest struggle with remote learning is getting used to the technology used in attending a class. Learning a new system and a new way of communicating can be a struggle and I think it is always best to ask any questions you need to. Struggling in silence is never the answer, and I think many people will have the same questions and issues. Some courses set up WhatsApp groups so everyone on the course can talk outside of the learning environment, and this is the ideal opportunity to ask questions about all areas of student life that other people will either be wanting to know the answers to as well, or may not have even realised they needed to know about them.

Be prepared

Being prepared is always a good thing to be as I think it can give a person a sense of control over a situation even when it is new. Therefore, with remote learning including many aspects that can’t be controlled, such as internet connections, and using the correct links to access teaching groups, being prepared is something that can help. I think that going through the information you have before a lecture, seminar, or other meeting can help you feel ready and focused for whatever else may happen.

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Don’t suffer in silence

The biggest difference between remote learning and face-to-face learning is obviously the human interaction – only so much can be done online. Due to this, it may be easier for someone to feel as though they can’t talk to anyone on the course about how they are feeling. I believe that this should never the case though. Now more than ever is the time to talk about any worries about a course or the learning situation in general. I think that talking always helps, and especially in an educational setting where so much time and effort goes into studying. There is always someone there to listen.

Connect with others

As well as a WhatsApp group, there are other ways in which fellow students can talk to each other and therefore feel as though they are part of a group even if it is only via technology. Setting up online video calls with other students can be a great way to achieve this as it can be an informal way of talking about the course and finding out about other people’s ideas and thoughts on how it is going. Those informal discussions can allow people to gain insights into how others are finding the current situation, how they are getting on with the course reading and assignments, and what their general thoughts are on being a student. I think it’s often the case that how one person is feeling is the same for some other students, and informal online meet ups can be a great way of discussing everything.

Embrace it

Remote learning is a new experience for many people and this year, more than ever, we have relied on technology and it has become a vital part of our everyday lives. It is different and can have its downsides, but I think that it is important to remember that it can also have some good points. Learning how to use technology for learning and joining meetings can be a positive as it’s like learning a new skill. It’s also a good example of adapting to new experiences and could therefore be used in future job interviews as such. I think that it’s always good to remember that remote learning is still learning, and that any student has the chance to learn and use that knowledge to go on and achieve great things with it.

Do you agree with my 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “My 5 top tips for dealing with remote learning

  1. I definitely agree with these tips! My master’s program is mainly online so when the lockdown hit, I didn’t have to go through an adjustment period, but it can be challenging & isolating learning online. However, we have a Facebook group where we can ask questions & get help from others in our program. Also, our online learning site has a message board where we can ask the teachers questions or get clarification

  2. A lot of people think that distance learning is easier because you save time by not going to classes. However, it takes so much time and discipline to go through the work on your own and making sure that you understand it.

    All the best, Michelle (

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