Autumn – and the start of something new?

With autumn comes with it a change in the weather and people retreat back indoors after months of being able to enjoy the hot, sunny conditions the summer can bring with it. With this retreat indoors brings with it the illusion of warm nights in with a book or a boxset, but also ample opportunity to learn lots when doing so.

Autumn coincides with the start of the academic year, and a brand new start to many courses and academic journeys. However, learning doesn’t always have to be within academia and the autumn can also bring with it the time to start new projects and experience different things. With more and more of these available to do online, our homes can become a new sanctuary for learning.

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Autumn brings with it dark nights and a potential change in things we can do. The downward slope towards Christmas can also focus our minds on how we will celebrate it and what needs to be done for it. By the time New Year comes, it could be the opportunity to realise new goals and go about ways in which to achieve them.

By why wait for the new year? If summer allows us to experience the fun activities of being outside in the warm, the autumn and winter could allow us to realise our aims and goals while we are reflecting on this. The change in seasons is an opportunity to reflect on how it impacts on our life but also on what we want to achieve.

Has autumn made you think differently about life and influenced any changes?? Let me know in the comments below.

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