What have I learnt from using Twitter?

For me, out of all of the different types of social media I use, Twitter is my favourite and I have learnt a lot from using it. Having been a user for over a decade, Twitter used to be all about me finding out what my favourite celebrities were posting about, but slowly over the years my relationship with the social media platform has evolved – for the better.

I feel as though I have gained so much from using Twitter because I find it easy to use. When something is easy to navigate around, you can pick up more from it. Using Twitter itself is something to learn, but by being able to easily use it, you can take in a lot more information from various sources. It’s not just celebrities I follow on Twitter anymore, it’s lots of different kinds of people, some who may be famous and some who may not be. For any area of interest, there is someone you can follow on Twitter who will post information about it. It can actually be a very rich source of information.

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It’s not just following people and seeing what they post that sums up Twitter, I also feel extremely connected to the world by using it. If something is happening in the country or in the world, I usually always go to Twitter first. Unlike more official channels, on Twitter you can find out what someone posts exactly when they do. It’s not always accurate, but you can learn about something that is happening usually more quickly that if you wait for another source. Sometimes feeling part of something is part of understanding situations in the world, and so if lots of people are discussing a topic, you can feel included just by looking at what they are saying.

Being a new blogger, Twitter has also helped me find a community that I feel so happy in. Unlike other social media, I feel really connected with the blogging platform, and by re-tweeting and commenting on other posts, I can engage with other bloggers really easily too. Twitter is also a great way of finding out about other bloggers and blogs, and the more you follow, the more you can read!

Twitter is a really good platform to use, in my opinion, as it has allowed me to gain more knowledge about blogging, especially, as well as everything else going on in life. Not only that, I feel as though it’s a great way of learning more about others in so many different ways.

Do you use Twitter? If so, what do you feel you have learnt by using it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “What have I learnt from using Twitter?

  1. Twitter is such a great way to connect with the blogging community. I don’t get a ton of traffic from it (although I do get some) but it has been such a great source of support. I love being able to chat with other bloggers, connect, network and build relationships.

  2. I’ve been using it for years now too. And like you, it was the celebrity thing first, but that’s now too a back seat. It’s the art posts I love. Twitter is great.

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