What you can learn from blogging and social media?

Blogging and social media seem to go hand in hand when it comes to content and exposure – you have a blog to promote so you can use social media to do so, but on social media you can use content to continually interest your followers which can come from a blog post. Throughout my short time blogging, I have learnt a lot, so in this post I will be discussing what you can learn from blogging and social media.

As I have spoken about before, as a new blogger I have been learning a lot about the secret world of blogging, and what’s great is that it is so easy to learn about, and I can support my fellow bloggers while doing so. So many blog posts are actually about blogging so it makes it easy to take onboard the tips and the things to do when creating an online presence with a blog. Content is key as no one will read a blog if there isn’t anything of worth within it. However, having a blog is one thing, but promoting it is another key element that I have learnt to embrace. There are lots of elements within social media, and platforms are changing all the time, as well as the different types having different features and aims. Therefore, I will be focusing on what I have learnt so far in my blogging journey when it comes to using social media to promote my blog and my blog posts.

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Until I read into blogging, I didn’t even know you could schedule posts on social media! This week has been the first time I have done this both on social media and with my blog posts, and it is such an easy way of being and staying organised, and not worrying about what I need to do at what time. Scheduling is also an easy way of keeping on top of one part of social media engagement. Scheduling posts ensures that a social media accounts doesn’t lie dormant for a few days at a time, and by doing so it allows for the account to be in a person’s feed a lot, and therefore in their consciousness which could lead to more blog visits. With engaging, frequent content, it can become a rich source for the followers of a social media account to keep up to date with their favourite blog!

The other part of social media engagement, that I have learnt about so far, is the important of that engagement. Social media is called that for a reason, of course, as it allows people to be social with one another. Scheduling and posting on social media are one part, but engaging with people who reply and comment on such posts is another. I think that if someone has taken the time to leave a reply, a reply should be given back, even if it is just to say thank you. For me, it’s just a nice thing to do.

In my next few blog posts I will be looking at what I have learnt through my time on social media, with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all being discussed, so watch out for those.

Do you agree with what I have said about blogging and social media? Let me know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “What you can learn from blogging and social media?

  1. Social media is almost the biggest part of blogging these days. I feel permanently attached to my phone but it is always blogging related rather than just mindless scrolling. Its hard work but a lovely community x

  2. I quite enjoyed this post and your views!
    Blogging is now no more an isolated activity where you post something and wait for readers to come if they’re interested. Nowadays a lot of us have to go where the readers are and promote, which is where social media comes in. Social media also helps because if we use it well, it DOES increase readership and we can drive traffic to blog posts.

  3. A really insightful post. I spend a lot of my time divided between creating the content and promoting it to the right audiences! I want to make sure that the content I’ve research and created is seen as much as possible!


  4. Great post! Engagement especially is so important and if you put the work in it really pays off. I think the thing about blogging/social media that surprised me the most was how time consuming it can be! Scheduling posts is one thing but it’s also planning them and creating images etc, it’s so much to think about! X

  5. My blogging game would barely exist if it wasn’t for being able to schedule things on social media and get organised rather than trying to stay on top of things daily. I’m glad it’s helped you in your blogging journey!

  6. Blogging and social media certainly are interdependent. As you said, scheduling, interacting, finding like minded people through communities, discovering some new blogs are some of the things that help us grow as bloggers as well get us some amazing friends. So, a careful and strategic use of social platforms can help us in multiple ways throughout our journey of blogging.

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