Blogging – the secret world you can learn all about

So it’s day 2 of Blogtober and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my experience of blogging so far. It’s only been just over a month since I started my own personal development blog and I still feel very new to this secret world I knew nothing about until a few months ago. However, I also feel that I have been welcomed into it.

So far I haven’t had any negative experiences of blogging, or when promoting blog posts on social media. In my eyes, it’s because all of us bloggers are in the same boat and want to achieve similar things. Somewhere along the way it looks like on the whole it’s been collectively decided that we help each other out rather than battle against each other, and I love that.

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Even blogs that are on the same topics can be extremely different, and I think this is a key reason to why it works. Bloggers can also learn from each other, and even read some great blog posts from other bloggers along the way. By commenting on other posts we can advertise our own blog and also support others, which is always lovely to see.

In preparation for creating my blog, I read a book about blogging by Catherine Balavage and it made me think so much more about what blogging is and what can be achieved with it. It really inspired me, and I still have it on my bookshelf so I can refer to it when I need to.

I think that learning is key when it comes to blogging. I have read lots of posts about what to do before, during and after you have created a blog and so information within these has been invaluable. Jumping straight into it without learning from other bloggers, I think, is a mistake. Blogging also allows people to learn a new skill such as time management, writing skills and much more. I feel very happy to have found this secret world and hope that I can become part of it.

Are you a fellow blogger or an avid blog reader? Let me know your thoughts on the blogging world in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Blogging – the secret world you can learn all about

  1. Hsppy Blogtober, I am super excited to read that you’re taking part! As a blogger of over 5 years, I agree that blogging is a secret world and it’s filled with learning, changing and being adaptable. I love blogging, I’ve recently had my inspiration relit and it feels amazing! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

  2. I love the blogging community, the support it shows for everyone is amazing. It really has the ability to lift you up when you’re not sure about your content or the direction you’re going in, It’s a great community x

  3. Learning is such an important step to the blogging process. The moment you start, you subscribe to being a ‘student’ for the rest of the time that you’re in this industry, regardless of how much experience you have. Every step of the way, there’s something new to learn!

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