Back to uni…again – part 1

After a year away from university (it felt like a lot longer!) I’m about to start a new course. This course is a MA (Master of Arts), and is in the area of psychology, but is a bit more specialised. Each month I will be blogging about my experience on the two-year course, which can hopefully help others who may be starting university this year, or who are thinking about it for the future.

I’ve studied two Masters courses before – one I failed and the other I passed. I’m excited about going back to studying as it’s become second nature to me over the years to learn something in a formal environment, but I am yet to fully work out what I want to do with what I have learnt. Therefore I will definitely be seeking out some career advice this time!

2020 is definitely a unique year to start university, and although my course isn’t full time in terms of needing to study on campus throughout the semesters, I will experience some of the measures in place due to the pandemic in one way or another. Commonly with Masters courses, I know there will be a lot of reading to do, and will therefore will need to make a plan of what I need to read and when I can study as I will be working full time as well.

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I’m sure I’m like many people in that I am apprehensive about what will happen on the course, but for me it’s always been about the subject I am learning. From what I know about the course, it will be extremely tailored to my own opinions in terms of what I write about in assignments so I am looking forward to finally trying to work out exactly what it is that I want to study in the long-term and carry on with in a career. I also really like learning in a formal way as it gives me some structure, deadlines, and support from the people taking the course as well as from my fellow students.

To anyone who is starting university for the first time, I would say that everyone will be nervous, whether they show it or not. I would definitely say that you should try and embrace the experience. Not everyone gets the opportunity to study at university, so don’t take it for granted. However, if anyone struggles with any aspect of university (for example living in halls, finance, or studying) there is lots of support available at the university itself or from many other areas. To anyone not liking university, you will not be the first or last person to feel like that (I was one of them believe it or not) and working out what the next step is to deal with how you’re feeling is a good place to start. I’ll talk more about my experiences later on, but after moving into halls in the first year, I then transferred universities and lived back at home for the rest of my degree. However, six years later I moved back into halls at a different university and loved it. To anyone who struggles at university, it really is important to remember that there is always help and support available.

I’ll check back in next month as I will then have started my course. If anyone is starting a course soon, please feel free to comment below and talk about how you are feeling about it.

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9 thoughts on “Back to uni…again – part 1

  1. Good luck lovely! I don’t know how I’d feel if I was going back to uni with things the way they are right now! Sending all the love!

  2. Thank you for your verdict. Me either I’m planning to start MSc in Project Management and have a little to no idea about it, I feel uncomfortable with that but I can assure myself is to proceed at any cost…

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