Let me introduce myself

Welcome to my very first blog post on my blog The Keeping Approach. The tagline is ‘approaching life at a learning pace’ and that is exactly what my personal development blog will be focusing on – learning. However, learning can be carried out in lots of different ways, and some of my posts may surprise you. I very much believe that as well as learning a lot from formal arenas such as academic courses, you can also learn a lot from other areas, such the entertainment genre and fictional television shows. Learning never has to be boring, it only is if you make it so.

What to expect from my blog

Studying has been a big part of my life so far, so some of my posts will focus on that in various ways, but alongside that, the biggest influences on my posts will be learning overall, and society in general – which has the potential to include anything and everything. I think we learn a lot about the world from the people around us, and vice-versa. My blog is going to be looking at these areas in the way that we use them to learn about things, including university, jobs, television, films, and social media. My own life experience will form a large part of my posts, whether that be from personal experience directly, or just from my opinions on the subjects. One post could be about my time at university and the next could be me discussing what I learnt from a television show I watched – there will be a lot of variety!

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University examples

You could say that I am an eternal student. Since the age of eighteen I have been to six, soon to be seven, universities, and gained five qualifications. In terms of being a student, I have more experience than most. I’ve loved being at university and I’ve hated it. I’ve been an undergraduate, postgraduate, and a mature student. While studying I’ve lived in halls and I’ve lived at home. I’ve had friends at university and I’ve been alone. I’ve passed and I’ve also failed. There isn’t much about university life that I don’t have at least an opinion on, so I’ll be discussing some of that in my posts.

The entertainment genre

One of my main influences for my posts will also be television and film. I am a huge soap opera fan (I even based one of my university assignments on them), but I also love dramas. With films I love thrillers, biopics, comedies, actually most genres really. If it has a good story, I’m usually a fan of it. I think television and films play a huge part of escapism in our lives, and this is something we need at least every now and then. Sometimes we just need to switch off from the world and watch someone else’s. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t learn anything from what we watch. Even when consuming something that could be seen as being nothing but something to escape to, there is always the potential to learn from it, whether we realise it at the time or not.

Life isn’t necessarily about the end goal, it’s about how you end up there and what you learn along the way. We may not always realise at the time, but when we look back on things we may see what we have learnt and perhaps use it to help us in the future. So, join me on my personal development blog for posts about what I have and will learn from lots of different areas, and hopefully I can become a small voice in a world where we can’t learn about everything, but we can definitely try.

Are there any interesting areas you have learnt new things from? Please let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! It’s nice to meet new bloggers and grow together. Best of luck in your niche! By the way, I couldn’t find ‘subscribe’ option in your blog. Would be great to follow for new posts.

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